Designer Laptop Tables 

The Designer Laptop Table System expands the way your Laptop is organized for computing, writing and learning, 

    Semi- Designer Laptop placement is ideal for the educational, and professional setting. Because the Screen is in the visual plane of both the work surface and the presentation, students or professionals are so comfortable in any position - making long sessions, shared computers and tutoring easier and noticeably boosting visual perception and level of concentration.

  These models are also available with mouse tray and have Cooling fans to cool up your Laptop always free from heat releases.

Firmness and style:aluminum alloy          

Handy usage:random height and angle adjustment.                          

     Its not a normal table its Multifunctional laptop table,  

      Optional colors : Black, Blue, Pearl Red, Metallic,

                          Models available in 3 Sizes and 3 Various Prices ( low, Middle, Higher ends )



Panel (L*W) :  42*27.5CM
N.W :1.5 KGS
Maximum height :   48cm
Optional color : sliver ,black.
Include usb  cooling fans                    














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